MBA SUBJECTS|Details of MBA, Friends, we hear many times that he is doing an MBA, She is going to an MBA. And many parents also advise their children to do an MBA. But we don’t have that much information about MBA. So today I am trying to write something about MBA SUBJECTS, I hope that you will definitely get this post helpful. MBA FULL FROM= Master of Business Administration, this is a degree you can get knowledge about MBA  subjects details. In this degree, you will be introduced to business management, Business Skill, Marketing skill, Business Strategy etc.

Friends, you are seen today that there is a time of globalization. Corporate, Industrial, The economy is growing all over the world. In this way, MBA is an excellent package giving option. It is not only in India but in foreign countries it is scope too wide. So come know about the MBA. (MBA TOPIC)
Eligibility for MBA: - If you have to do MBA then you will have to pass the Graduation with Minimum 50% marks from a recognized univers…

Accounting(Meaning & Concept)-MBA TOPIC


MBAtopic in 2019| The size of the modern business has become so wide that it contains hundreds of thousands of commercial and billions of business transactions. It’s impossible to handle the business ventures by remembering the details of these transactions. Therefore, the orderly record of these transactions is kept, their ordering knowledge and experimentation are called accountancy only. The practical form of accountancy can be called accounting. According to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) 's accounting terminology, Bulletin says, "Accounting is the effect of writing, classifying and summarizing the behaviors and incidents that are at least partially of the financial nature, effectively And the art of interpreting their results. (MBA TOPIC)

Accounting(Meaning & Concept),MBAtopic in 2019,,MBA topic

According to the definition, accounting is an art, not science & this art is used for the recording, classification, condensation and interpretation of scalable behavior and events in the currency of the financial nature.

Accounting is the only art of analyzing, summarizing, reporting and analyzing a business's financial transaction. The person taking charge of accounting is known as an accountant and the accountant's role is similar to a record-keeper. However, accounting is now considered to be a tool of management that provides valuable information about the future of the organization.

According to Smith and Ashburn, 'Accounting is mainly the science of recording and classification of business transactions and events of financial nature and it is the art of analyzing, analyzing and interpreting the important transactions and summaries of those transactions and events, and communicating the results to those who are to decide. From above definition, accounting is both science and art. But it is almost complete science, not a complete science.(MBA TOPIC)
Accounting Concepts
What is accounting?
Articles and notations, both are combined with 2 words in the accounting by writing the meaning of the article, and by marking means the meanings. Writing of an event sequence in the digits is called accounting.

In order to achieve a goal, the process of writing incident in the digits is called accounting. What is the meaning of the events here that all the actions in which the exchange of money is done?

Very wise things are bought in a business, very sales are sold. The expenses also continue to occur, the amount of money spent on it, the amount of money spent, how many people have earned and how much profit or loss was made, in order to achieve all this information, the practitioner writes the events happening in the same lives . This type of writing is called accounting.
Based on the transaction, the account has been divided into three parts:

1. Personal Account: Accounts related to individuals and institutions are called personal accounts. Like Mohan's article, Shankar Vastralaya's accounting was personalized.

Rule of Personal Account:
Debit The Receiver
Credit the Giver

2. Real Account: The actual account of the account related to property and property is called. Such as the account of cash, the accounting of the cycle was real accounting.
Rule of Real Account:
Debit what comes in
Credit what goes out

3. Nominal Account:
The account related to expenditure and income is called Unreal Accounting. Such as rent accounting, account of interest was unrealistic accounting.
Rule of Nominal Account:
Debit all expenses and losses
Credit all incomes and gains

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